Enterprise Portal: Add and Manage Departments

As an Institution Admin, you'll create and maintain the departments that your colleagues use in ExamSoft.




Open the My Departments Page

  • With your Institution Admin account, you'll see this page as your "home page" after you log in.
  • To navigate back to this page after working on other pages, select the ExamSoft Logo in the top left corner of the page.



Create a Department

  1. On the My Departments page, select Create Department, which is near the top right corner of the page.
  2. Enter the information for this department.

    • Provide a descriptive Department Name that will be easily identifiable by exam-makers and exam takers in your institution.
    • You can select a Department Administrator in two ways:  
      • Start typing the name in the box, and then select from the drop-down list. The selected name will appear above the input box, and you can repeat this process to add additional names.
      • Selecting Browse All. Then search or scroll for names. Select the plus (+) for each admin to include, and then select Save, which is in the top right corner.
    • Enable ExamID or ExamMonitor: If you want to enable these features for any course in this department, select the checkboxes.  You can enable ExamID or ExamMonitor automatically for new Courses by selecting the checkbox. See: Enterprise Portal: Course Management
Note: These may appear selected if the department administrator has set these values as default in the course settings.
  1. Select Save, which is near the top right corner of the page.


Manage Existing Departments

  1. On the My Departments page, browse or search for the department that you want to modify. 

    Note: Archived departments are hidden. To show them, select the Filter drop-down list, and then select Include Archived Departments. After you apply this filter, archived departments appear in the list with the other departments but are listed in gray text.


  2. Select the pencil icon for the department that you want to modify.


  3. Proceed as needed:
    • Edit the information, as described in the "Create a Department" section of this article. Be sure to Save your changes.
    • Use the Archive or Delete button (near the top right corner of the page) to remove the department.


      • Archive: The department information will be retained in the system, and the department can be restored to an active state.
      • Delete: All questions, assessments, and courses will be permanently removed.
    • If this is an archived department, you can reactivate it by selecting Unarchive near the top right corner of the page.
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