Legacy Portal: API New Semester Setup

At the end of a semester, you might need to modify your sync list to reflect new enrollments. Depending on how your Institution organizes the courses in the LMS, you might need to simply update the sync list with any new courses, or you might need to clear the sync list entirely and add all new courses.



Select the procedure for the actions that you need to take.


Remove Selected Courses, and Add New Courses

Use this method if you need to remove some of the existing courses and add new ones.

  1. In the ExamSoft API, go to the Sync List.
  2. To remove one course at a time, select the red X in the Actions column.


    Once the appropriate courses have been removed from the sync list, you may now add more courses OR sync without adding any. The courses that you remove here will not be removed from ExamSoft. For information about adding courses to the sync list, see: Legacy Portal: Setup ExamSoft API


Populate the Existing Courses with New Enrollments

For this method, you will not be adding or removing any courses; you will simply perform a manual sync to populate the new enrollments into ExamSoft.

Before syncing any new enrollments, you might want to coordinate with your ExamSoft administrator to ensure that they are ready for the new students to be in the ExamSoft portal. Once verified, you can perform the following procedure.

  1. Go to the ExamSoft API.
  2. Select Sync Now to sync the new enrollment data to ExamSoft. For more information about the API, see: Legacy Portal: Setup ExamSoft API


Remove All Courses, and Add New Courses

If the courses that will be taught next semester are all new, you need to remove all current courses in the sync list and then add the new courses.

  1. Go to the ExamSoft API.
  2. Navigate to Page 3: Courses.


  3. Review the current list and make sure those courses will no longer be used for the next semester.
  4. If you're sure that you want to clear the sync list, select the Clear Course to Sync button.
  5. Add new courses to sync to ExamSoft. For more information, see: Legacy Portal: Setup ExamSoft API
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