How Plus/Minus +/- Scoring Is Calculated for Matrix Questions

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+/- Scoring aims to reward the exam taker for correct answers, but penalize them for selecting wrong answers.  However, the lowest score an exam taker can receive is zero points.  


How to Create a Matrix Item

How to score a Matrix Multiple Response question

For a Matrix Multiple Response question, each Option Column point total will be tallied independently.  Any negative scores for each column are rounded up to zero. Once we have these column totals, we add them together to arrive at the exam taker’s total points for the question.  Look at the example below.


Question Creation in the Portal

The Exam Maker is defining a Matrix Multiple Response question with 3 Option columns, and each column has a different number of possible points.: Flu has 1 correct answer, Pneumonia has 2 correct answers, and COVID-19 has four correct answers.  The total points possible for the entire question is (1 + 2 + 4) = 7 points.



Answering the Question in Examplify and Calculating the Score

In Examplify, the exam taker is presented with the Matrix Multiple Response question defined above.  The exam taker has responded with the following answer selections.

Remember, each column is tabulated first, then rounded up if the points are less than zero.  Finally, each column is added together to arrive at the final score. The exam taker’s score is 4 out of 7 points.


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