Release Notes for Windows/macOS version Examplify 3.0

This version is in Limited Release. Contact your Customer Success Manager if you have any questions.

Examplify 3.0 includes significant work to support accessibility in accordance with the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) 2.1 AA standards. This release also includes new question types and various product performance resolutions. 

Accessibility Improvements

Keyboard Navigation:  Users will have the ability to use their keyboard to navigate assessments with the following question types:

  • Essay
  • Multiple Choice
  • True/False
  • Fill in the blank

Focus indicators and logical order have been implemented to help support keyboard navigation as well.

Minimum Contrast Ratio: We have changed our colors, fonts, button shapes, and interactive elements to support WCAG 2.1 AA requirements.

Screen Reader Support:  For Windows, we now support functionality for JAWS 2022 and NVDA 2022.1. For Mac, we are supporting the native Voice Over functionality.  

Additional work will be completed to finalize our Accessibility work and add additional support for remaining question types in future releases of Examplify. 

New Question Types* 

  • Ordering: This feature will allow students to order items in a list setup in the answer choice. 
  • Matrix: This feature will allow you to create a question stem and then create a table for answering questions. You can choose to either do a single response per row or multiple selections per row based on your question setup.
    • More details can be found in our Community articles:
      • Legacy - this question type is still in development for the Legacy Portal
      • Enterprise

*These question types are supported on Examplify 3.0, but must be enabled for you. To gain advanced access to Matrix (Enterprise Portal Only at this time) and Ordering question types, please contact your Customer Success Manager.

Product Performance Resolutions

Resolutions for the following items are included in this release:

  • Table content copied from a spreadsheet was copying as plain text
  • Support for Windows Intel 12 devices for laptops
  • Question Rationale was not displaying when doing a review
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