Legacy Portal: Best Practices for Setting Up Folders

Getting Organized with Folders

  • Questions and Assessments can be easily organized into folders for all users to access, add, review, edit, share, and manage.
  • Users can be provided access rights to each folder and all the contents.
  • Their access rights can be limited to view only or editing permissions.
  • This allows great flexibility when setting up your exam management system.


Creating Folders

  • ExamSoft recommends setting up a system that logically arranges questions by how they will be posted to exams and assessments, or when they will be administered.
  • Question folders should consolidate questions by course, content covered, or exams; whereas assessment folders should store exams based on courses and semesters.
    • This allows users to review previously delivered assessments and make changes where necessary.
    • This organization structure allows users to quickly access and manage those assessments that are specific to the courses they teach.
  • All assessments are arranged by course and date administered.
    • This makes it incredibly easy to review assessments as changes are made year after year.
    • This organization also permits exam review committees to pull up the questions used on specific exams.


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