Release Notes for Windows/macOS version Examplify 3.2

Examplify 3.2 includes significant work to support Intel 13th Gen processors, new question types, lab device management, keyboard navigation updates for question types, and additional accessibility feature updates.

Support for Intel 13th Gen Processors

Enterprise Portal: Added a new question type in support of the NCLEX: Bowtie

  • This feature is in limited release and will be enabled for your institution in January. 
  • The bowtie question type address all six steps of the Clinical Judgment Measurement Model by asking the exam-taker to read a scenario, recognize and analyze cues, generate solutions, and prioritize responses to the situation.
  • If your institution also utilizes the Examplify for iPad app, an update supporting the bowtie question type will be released in January.
  • This question type is still in development for the Legacy Portal; however, you can use this process to create a bowtie question. 

Legacy Portal:Added a new question type in support of the NCLEX: Matrix

  • This feature allows you to create a question stem and a table for answering questions. You can either choose a single response per row or multiple selections per row based on your question setup.

We have added an alternative process for setting up a lab (with or without lab management systems) on Windows devices that will no longer require registering Examplify with a lab-designated exam-taker account. 

Accessibility feature updates:

  • Keyboard navigation now supports the following question types:
    • Multiple Choice
    • Essay
    • True/False
    • Fill-in-the-blank
    • Matrix
    • Ordering
    • Matching
    • Drag and Drop
  • Keyboard Navigation for Exam Review
  • Minimum Contrast Ratio for Exam Review
  • Updated various plug-ins to use latest versions for accessibility features:
    • Spreadsheets, PDF attachments, essay editors
Bug Fixes Include:
  • Multiple Choice questions with large images/content not retaining answer selection when scroll bars appear.
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