Enterprise Portal: D2L Troubleshooting Guide


  • Not Verifying?
    • Verify correct instance URL is entered
    • Verify user ID and Key were generated by the SA
      • NOTE:: You can also use the API Test Tool to verify the client’s four keys will give us the correct access we need but this should only be used for troubleshooting purposes. To do this, follow the instructions below:
  1. Open API test tool: https://apitesttool.desire2learnvalence.com/index.php
  2. Paste in the D2L host URL without ‘https://’, the App ID, and App keys. 
  3. Click the Manually set credentials button.
  4. Paste in the User ID and User Key then click the Save button.
  5. Next to Examples, click the Get Versions button.
  6. Make sure the 'Get' bullet is toggled then click the Submit button
  7. The status should show 'Success (HTTP status 200)'.
    1. You will receive ‘Invalid signature. (HTTP status 403)’ if any part of the token is incorrect.
  8. You can also try 'WhoAmI' and make sure the Status returns 'Success (HTTP status 200)' with the user information in the Response.

Refreshing Courses

  • No Courses coming over?
    • Did the “date last refreshed” update to the most recent date?
      • If not, the refresh did not occur. (may be related to the refresh queue being backed up). 
        • Try refresh again, 
        • Try targeted refresh to ensure we can pull any courses
      • If yes, ensure they have the correct permissions assigned to the Service Account: Service Account Permissions
  • Courses showing but missing some expected courses?
    • Make sure the courses are active and available
    • Make sure the SA has access to the courses

Syncing Courses

  • Students failing to sync?
    • Check error report in sync history
      • “Student email already in use”
        • Student exists in another database with the same email. They can not have two accounts with the same email in two different emails
      • “A different user already exists with that email”
        • There’s an admin account with the same email
      • Students not coming over at all?
        • Verify the correct role is set in the configure pane. If using custom roles for students then this must match what's in D2L
        • Verify SA has access to students role (most commonly D2L clients will use ‘Learners’ instead of ‘Student’ role)
  • Students missing from the roster and not on the error report?
    • Verify student has same role as other students in the course
    • Verify the student is an available, active user in the course in D2L
  • Course(s) syncing but not the sections
    • Check the error report (missing section ID). The ‘sections’ in D2L are called Groups and they need Group IDs before they’ll sync into ExamSoft.
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