Enterprise Portal: Moodle Integration FAQs & Troubleshooting

Q. Are there any specific Moodle instance requirements?

  • Moodle version 3.3 or higher is required.


Q. Why can’t I see a specific course(s) when I refresh the course list?

  • Courses must have a valid alphanumeric short name/name, an instructor, and at least one exam-taker enrolled.


Q. Will the integration sync over my Moodle student groups?

  • Yes, Moodle student groups sync over as sections in ExamSoft.


Q. I was able to sync my course, but I cannot see my student(s).

  • Student accounts must be active for the course along with a valid username. Additionally, the role listed in Moodle must be Student.


Q. I tried pushing grades to Moodle, but the student results are not displaying.

  • In order to push grades to Moodle, you must first add an activity/resource and then create an assignment. The assignment name will show up as columns in ExamSoft.



  • Verifying fails
    • Confirm instance URL is correct
    • Confirm the token was generated by a Moodle Site Admin and is correct without any typos
    • Confirm all Moodle functions are present in the config on the client’s side

Refreshing Courses

  • Refresh finishes after 10 seconds, no courses
    • An error occurred while refreshing the courses.
      • Token may not have been generated by a Site Admin
      • Confirm all Moodle functions are present in the config on the client’s side
      • Less likely; a server error that would only show up in the logs

Syncing Courses

  • Students failing to sync?
    • Check error report in sync history
      • “Student email already in use”
        • Student exists in another database with the same email. They can not have two accounts with the same email in two different emails
      • “A different user already exists with that email”
        • There’s an admin account with the same email
      • Students not coming over at all?
        • Custom roles are currently not supported for Moodle integration. If the client is using a custom student role, we won’t be able to sync them.
  • Students missing from the roster and not on the error report?
    • Verify student has same role as other students in the course
    • Verify the student is an available, active user in the course in Moodle
  • Course(s) syncing but not the sections
    • Check the error report (missing section ID). The ‘sections’ in Moodle are called Groups and they need Group IDs before they’ll sync into ExamSoft
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