ATI: Export an Assessment and Prepare the Question File for Importing

This article explains how to export an assessment from ATI and prepare the question file so that you can import the questions into your ExamSoft Portal. 



  1. Export the assessment as a PDF file:
    1. In ATI, navigate to Manage My Assessments.
    2. Select the Actions button for the assessment that you want to export.
    3. Select Printable Version.


    4. When the on-screen preview appears, select Download Report.


      The file will be downloaded as a PDF.

  2. Prepare the questions file:
    1. Open the PDF file, select all text, and copy it.
    2. Paste the copied text into a Microsoft Word document.
    3. Edit the file so that it complies with the formatting guidelines.


      • Copying from a PDF file into a Word file typically results in unneeded line breaks. Delete any unneeded line breaks so that each question is presented within one paragraph. 
      • For detailed formatting information and examples, see: Enterprise Portal: Prepare a Question File to Import
  3. When the Word file is ready, import it into your ExamSoft Portal. See: Enterprise Portal: Import Questions from an LMS or a Question File
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