Examplify: Answer File Uploads

On this page, learn more about answer file uploads.

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To navigate, select the labeled tabs: Confirmation, Issues, Delays, Delay Upload, and Remove. In some sections, expand the + next to the different sections.

Confirmation Issues Delays Delay Upload Remove

Success Notification

After you submit an exam, wait for the answer file to upload. When the upload is completed, a green screen will appear. This screen confirms that the answer file was uploaded successfully.

Note: If you took an assessment with ExamMonitor, additional time is needed to upload the video files. For more information, see: Examplify: Check the Status of Your ExamMonitor Video Upload

Other Forms of Confirmation

  • Notifications: If supported by your institution, you also will receive other confirmations such as e-mail and text notifications. 

Dashboard status icon: After a short time, the exam will appear with a green checkmark in the Completed section on the left side of the page.


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