Legacy Portal: Do Peer Grading for an Assignment

An assessment can be set up to require peer grading. You'll use a rubric to see the grading criteria and to assign points.

To learn more, you can watch the video, or read the procedure.


Video Guide



  1. Log in to the ExamSoft portal.
  2. Navigate to the course in which you have the peer grading assignment.
  3. Find the assignment in the list, and then select the button.
  4. Select the Action button labeled Grade Assignment.


    A pop-up window will display a list of assignments to grade. (Depending on the assignment settings, there might be one or more assignments for you to grade.)

  5. Select the Grade button (in the Actions column). 


    Note: If you are supposed to assign one grade to a group of people, select the check boxes for the exam-takers to include in the group, and then select the Group Grade Selected Exam-Takers.

    The grading rubric will appear. 


  6. For each row of the rubric, read the descriptions in the column headings, and then select the cell that most closely represents how the person performed.

    After you click on the cell, it will be highlighted, and the score above the rubric will be updated.

  7. When finished with all of the rows in the rubric, select Save (at the bottom of the window).
  8. If the Next Rubric button appears near the top right corner of the screen, select it to continue grading with the next rubric. Repeat the previous steps to enter and save the grades.
  9. If the Next Exam-Taker button appears below the rubric, this means that there are additional assignments for you to grade. Select the button, and then repeat the previous steps to enter and save the grades. Keep going until you've completed all assigned grading.
  10. When the progress bar (at the top) shows 100% Complete, select the Exam-Takers button (above the progress bar) to return to the exam-takers list.
  11. If all of the progress bars show 100% complete, close the window. If not, repeat the above steps until you've finished the grading.
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