Examplify: Review Your Results with Secure Exam Review

If your assessment is set up with Secure Exam Review, you'll be able to review the results of your assessment. This review can provide valuable insights about your performance on this assessment and can help you to prepare for future exams.

Note: Contact your instructor, proctor, or exam manager if you have questions about the options that are enabled for your exam.

If your exam-maker provides an opportunity for secure exam review, you'll access it in one of the following ways:


Immediate Review at the End of the Exam

At the end of the exam, you'll see a screen that shows your calculated score for the objective questions (excluding essay questions, which need to be graded). This screen allows you to submit your exam or to review your results. To review your results, do not submit your exam at this point. Instead, follow the procedure below.

  1. Select the Continue to Review button.


  2. When prompted, enter the exam review password.  


    Note: Be sure to enter the password correctly. If you enter the wrong password more than 3 times, you will not be allowed to see the review.

  3. Navigate through the review.
  4. When ready, end the review, submit your exam, and wait for the exam to be uploaded.


Delayed Review at a Scheduled Time

If the exam was set up with delayed review, your responses will be saved in an exam review file on your computer. On the date and time when the review is available, complete the following procedure to review your results.


  • You'll need an active internet connection to start a secure exam review.
  • If you attempt to start the review before the scheduled date, an error message appears.

On the scheduled date and time: 

  1. Start Examplify.
  2. Under Downloaded, select the exam review from the list.

    The word Review will be included in the filename, and the phrase Review Exam will appear below the filename.

  3. Enter the Exam Password (the same password that you entered when you took the exam).
  4. When prompted, enter the Exam Review Password (the password that was provided specifically for the review). 


  5. Navigate through the review.
  6. When ready, end the review.


Tips to Navigate Through the Review

  • On the left side of the screen, the outcome for each question is indicated.
    • Correctly answered questions appear with a green checkmark
    • Incorrectly answered questions appear with a red X.
    • Unanswered questions have no indicators.
  • You can use the Previous and Next buttons (in the lower left corner of the screen) to move between questions. Or select a question number to view a particular question.
  • If a rationale is available for the selected question, it will appear in the Tool Kit area.
  • If you flagged any questions or left any notes during the exam, you will see them during the exam review; however, you will not be able to edit any notes or flag any questions.
  • After you select a question or navigate to it, the review details vary based on the question type. For more information and examples, see the following sections of this article:

    Note: Essay questions cannot be graded automatically, so no indicators will appear for these questions in the exam review.


Multiple Choice Questions

In Multiple Choice questions, colors provide the following information:

  • Correct answer choices appear with a green checkmark.
  • Incorrect answer choices appear with a red X.
  • The answer choices that you selected have a gray background with a blue border.
  • Unselected answer choices have a gray background with a gray border.

Multiple Choice Example 1
On the left side of the screen, we see that this question was answered incorrectly. In the answer area, the exam taker's answer choice has a blue border and a red X. The correct answer choice has a green checkmark.


Multiple Choice Example 2
On the left side of the screen, we see that this question was answered incorrectly. In the answer area, we see that this question allowed multiple selections. The exam taker's answer choices have blue borders. The exam taker selected two correct answers and one incorrect answer.



Fill in the Blank Questions

  • In the question area:
    • Correct answers have a green indicator.
    • Incorrect answers have a red indicator.
  • In the answer area:
    • If your answer was correct, it appears green text
    • If your answer was incorrect, it appears in red strike-out text. The correct answer appears next to it in green text. 

Fill in the Blank Example
This question had several blanks to be filled in. The exam taker provided a correct answer for blank 1 but an incorrect answer for blanks 2 and 3.



Hot Spot Questions

Colors provide the following information:

  • The correct spot is indicated by a green box.
  • If you placed your pin in the correct spot, a green pin marker appears.
  • If you placed your pin in an incorrect spot, a red pin marker appears. 
  • If you did not place a pin, the entire image has a red border.

Hot Spot Example
On the left side of the screen, we see that this question was answered incorrectly. The correct spot is indicated by a green box. The exam taker's pin is indicated by a red pin marker. 



End the Review

To end the review, select Review Controls, and then select Exit Review.


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