ExamSoft Portal: View Your Exam Results

When the exam-maker releases the results for an assessment, you can view them in the web-based ExamSoft Portal.



  1. Log in to your institution's ExamSoft Portal.
  2. Navigate to the course.
  3. Select the assessment. (In the Enterprise Portal, select the Completed tab, and then select the assessment.)
  4. Find the assessment in the table, and then select the View Results button. If the button does not appear, this means that the results have not been released.
  5. View the Report Details in the PDF (as described below).

Report Details

The report has several parts:


Student Overview

This section shows your overall results, including your score, the average score, and statistics.


Category Performance

This section shows your performance per category. If a category has sub-categories, a link (such as 3 Subcategories) will appear below the bar graph. Select the link to view the sub-category details.

Icons provide additional information for each category and sub-category:

  • Green Triangle: Your score
  • Orange Triangle: The class average score
  • Black Triangle: The national average (if applicable)
  • Blue Square: The score range of all exam takers
  • Red Triangle with Exclamation Mark: A score that is below the "at risk" threshold percentage 
  • Yellow Circle with Exclamation Mark: A score that is below the "needs review" threshold percentage
  • Green Circle with Checkmark: A score of 70% or greater



This section displays the questions that are available for review. For each question, you'll see the points earned, the total points available, and the number of categories tagged to this question. You can select that number to see the category information. 

Depending on the assessment settings, this list might include all questions on the exam or only the incorrect questions. For the questions that are included, the results are indicated with special formatting:

  • Multiple-Choice and True/False Questions: 
    • If you selected the correct answer(s): Green-highlighted text and a checkmark
    • If you selected incorrect answer(s): Red-highlighted text and a "No" symbol
  • Fill in the blank questions: 
    • If you entered a correct word/phrase to fill in a blank: Green-highlighted text and a green check mark
    • If you entered an incorrect word/phrase: Red-highlighted text and a red no symbol for your entry, followed by the correct answer in bold, black type
  • Hot spot questions: The correct hotspot location will be indicated with a green box.
    • If your pin was in the correct location, it will be green.
    • If your pin was in an incorrect location, it will be red.
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