Examplify: Back Up Your Exam File

Examplify has a built-in utility for creating backup copies of answer files onto USB memory sticks. For example, an instructor or exam manager might provide you with a USB memory stick and require you to create a backup.

Note: This feature requires Examplify version 1.4.0 or higher.



  1. Insert the USB memory stick into an open USB port on the device. 
  2. Open Examplify.
  3. From the Examplify home screen, press CTRL+B (Windows) or CMD + B (Mac) to launch the backup utility.
  4. Select your USB drive from the dropdown menu.
  5. Select Copy Files.


    When the files are successfully copied, the Copy Success confirmation message will appear.

  6. Remove the USB from the device.

    Note: On a Mac, right-click the removable drive icon on the desktop, and and then select Eject. Improperly ejecting the USB stick may corrupt it. 

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