Examplify: Check the Status of Your ExamMonitor Video Upload

After you submit your exam, you will receive email notifications, and you also can see status information on the Examplify dashboard. If there are problems with the video file upload, you can try the tips provided in this article.



Email Notifications
If supported by your institution, you will receive emails to confirm the answer file upload and the video file upload.
  • After your ExamMonitor proctoring video file has uploaded successfully, you will receive an upload confirmation email.
  • If your ExamMonitor proctoring video file has not been uploaded 24 hours after the answer file has been uploaded, you will receive a notification email. See the "Tips for a Stalled Upload" section below.

Examplify Dashboard
After you log in to Examplify, you can see status indicators on the left side of the dashboard.
  • Pending Upload: If the upload is not yet completed, you'll see the exam name in the Pending Upload section of the dashboard. You'll see a progress bar and a moving arrow.


  • Completed Upload: The exam name appears with a green check mark in the Completed section of the dashboard. 

Tips for a Stalled Upload

If your video file is not uploading, follow these steps:
  1. Make sure that your device is connected to the internet.  Check by going to a website that you normally do not go to.
  2. Check your upload speed by going to speedtest.net. Confirm that you have a minimum of 2 MBPS upload speed.  (This is a requirement for being able to use ExamMonitor.) If you do not, move your device closer to your router and/or close out any other items that are consuming your connection speed (including the speedtest website). 
  3. If you are still having trouble, reboot your computer. 
  4. After your reboot your computer, open Examplify and let the files upload. 


    • Keep your device connected to power so that it does not go to sleep. 
    • If you see a Retry Upload button, you can click it to start uploading files. However, but in most cases, you should not see this button as your device will start this process automatically.
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