Examplify: Suspend an Exam

If this feature is enabled by the exam-maker, you can take a break during an exam and resume it later. 


  • This feature is controlled by the exam-maker and generally is enabled only for practice exams, low-stakes exams, and similar situations. 
  • If the exam has a time limit, it is suspended until you resume the exam.
  • If you have set any alarms, they also are suspended.
  • The upload deadline still applies. You must submit your exam before this deadline.


  1. Select the Exam Controls menu (near the top right corner of the screen), and then select Suspend Exam.


    Note: If this option does not appear on the menu, then it is not enabled for this exam.

  2. When the pop-up message appears, select the Suspend Exam button.


    Note: If you selected this option by mistake, you can select Return to Exam to immediately resume the exam.

  3. When you are ready to return to the exam, select it in the Downloaded list (on the left side of the screen).

    Note: The exam will be indicated by the phrase Suspended Exam and a pause icon.


  4. Enter the exam password to resume the exam.
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