Respond to Questions with ExamNow

ExamNow is an audience response platform that instructors often use for active learning and formative assessments. For example, during a class meeting, your instructor might display a question to check the group's understanding of new material. 

Supported Devices

You can respond to ExamNow questions on any internet-enabled device with the latest version of Google ChromeMozilla Firefox, or Safari.



  1. Navigate to 
  2. Start typing the name of your institution, then select it from the drop down list, and then select Continue


  3. Log in.

    If your instructor has not yet displayed the first question, you'll see a Waiting for Assessment screen.

  4. When a question appears, select or enter your answer, and then select Submit.


    After answering the question, you will see a Waiting screen until your instructor selects to show you the next question. During this time, your instructor might discuss the question, continue the lecture, or introduce additional learning activities.

  5. Answer any additional questions, as they appear. 
  6. When the exam finished, you will see a green Assessment Complete confirmation screen, and you can close your browser window. 



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