Examplify: Download the Installers for Windows & Mac

You can use these installers to download Examplify.

If the download does not start after you select a link: Right-click on the link, copy the link address, and then paste it into a new browser tab or window.

Before downloading a specific version of Examplify, please confirm the version your institution utilizes.

If you are looking for instructions to help exam-takers to install Examplify, see Examplify for Windows and Mac: Download, Install, and Register Examplify.

Installers for Examplify 3.5.0 (Mac) & 3.5.0 (Windows)

Examplify macOS Installers 3.5.0

Examplify Windows Installer 3.5.0

Installers for Examplify 3.4.4 (Mac) & 3.4.6 (Windows)

Examplify macOS Installers 3.4.4

Find out more about your Mac's chipset

  • macOS ARM processor installer
    • The ARM installer is only available for release 3.4 and greater. For the best performance, this installer should be used on a Mac with an ARM processor as it only supports the ARM version of Mac processors. 
  • macOS Intel processor installer
    • This Intel installer will run on all Mac processors. If running on an Mac with ARM processor, it will require Rosetta, as indicated in the Examplify MSR.

Examplify Windows Installer 3.4.6

  • Fixed an issue that prevented some exam-takers, particularly those with Surface devices, from taking their exams.


Installers for Examplify 3.3.2 

For more information about this release, see: Release Notes for Windows/macOS version Examplify 3.3

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