Examplify for Windows and Mac: Download, Install, and Register Examplify

To prepare to take exams on your device, you need to download, install, and register Examplify.


Before You Begin

You'll need:

  • An internet connection
  • The device that you'll use to take your assessments
    • To ensure that your device meets the minimum requirements, see: Examplify Minimum System Requirements
    • On the day of your exam, either connect your device to power or fully charge the battery.
    • For exams with ExamID and ExamMonitor, make sure that you have a working webcam and microphone.
  • Your institution's ExamSoft ID
  • Your login credentials (provided to you by your institution)
  • Payment details (if your institution requires you to pay the Examplify license fee)

Important: You can't download assessments on multiple devices. Install Examplify on the device that you'll use to take your assessments.




  1. Using Chrome or Firefox, go to: https://examsoft.com
  2. Select Student/Exam-Taker (at the top of the page).


  3. Start entering your institution name or ID, and then select it when it appears.

    Example: In this example, we start typing the characters texas, and possible matches appear in a list. You would then select the correct institution.


  4. Select the Continue button.


  5. Select the ExamSoft User Portal Login button.
  6. Enter your login credentials. Refer to the information that was provided by your institution.
  7. Select the Download button.


    Where to find the Download button in the Legacy Portal:



    Where to find the Download button in the Enterprise Portal:


  8. Follow the on-screen instructions to download the installer file.
  9. Go to the Downloads folder on your device, and run the installer file.

    Note: If your device is a Mac with the M1 processor, you'll be prompted to install Rosetta. You must select Install to continue the Examplify installation. For more information, see: Examplify: Tips for Installation on a Mac with an M1 Chip

  10. Start Examplify.
  11. On the Add New Account page, enter your institution ID or name, and then select Next.


  12. Enter your login credentials


Next Steps

Use these resources to get started using Examplify and to prepare for your first exam.


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