ExamView: Export Tests


Export File

  1. Log in to ExamView Test Generator.
  2. Select File > Export Rich Text Format (rtf).
  3. In the Export Test modal, select a location to save your document on your hard drive.
  4. Then, provide a name for the file.
  5. Select Save
    Note: You should see a brief pop-up indicating that your file is converting.

Preview test on your computer and prepare for import

  1. Locate the RTF file you exported and open it in Microsoft Word.
  2. Select FileSave as
    1. Select .doc or .docx as the file type.
      Note: If you want to rename your file before importing, you can during this step. 
  3. Select Save.


Next Steps

 The questions and any other information included in these exports can be imported to your ExamSoft portal by using our Question Importer. See: 


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