Tips for ExamNow Assessments (Enterprise and Legacy)

This article provides tips to help you deliver an ExamNow Assessment.

Note: For step-by-step information about launching an ExamNow Assessment, see: 



You can select the Timer option on the menu to set the number of seconds that each question will be displayed to the exam-takers. This timer applies to all assessments and all questions during your current browser session.



When the timer expires, the exam-takers will see the Waiting for next question screen, but the instructor portal will continue to display the question. This way, you can discuss the responses and review the material before navigating to the next question.


Clear Responses

After displaying the responses, you can select Clear Responses to clear the answers and ask the exam-takers to try again. This option also clears all reporting data for that question. Only the last submitted answer is pulled into reporting.


Question Selection

Instead of using the Next button to proceed through the assessment, you can jump to a particular question by selecting a numbered button on the left side of the screen.



Fill-in-the-Blank (FITB) Questions

These questions are displayed with an open blank for the question. 


The exam-takers' responses are displayed as a word brick cloud.  The number in the circle to the right is the number of times that exact answer was received.



Multiple Choice Questions

The answer choices are listed in a vertical format.


The exam-takers' responses are displayed in a pie-graph format.



True/False Questions

The question is displayed with the True/False options.


The exam-takers' responses are displayed as a bar graph.


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