Enterprise Portal: Assign Categories to Questions

There are two ways to add category tags to questions:


Add a Category Tag While Creating or Editing a Question

  1. In the Categories section, select Add Category.
  2. Select one or more categories. Your selections will appear on the page, below the Category heading.
  3. When you finish selecting categories, close the list by selecting Add Category again.
  4. If you need to add sub-categories for a selected category, you can type the sub-category in the field, or select Browse All.
    After selecting sub-categories, select Save (in the top right) to close the slide-out window.
    Those selections will appear below the main category.
  5. When you're finished making changes to the question, select Save, which is near the top right corner of the page. (You might need to scroll up to see the button.)


Bulk-Tag Multiple Questions with the Same Category

  1. Select your department and course.
  2. Select the Questions tab.
  3. In the list, select each question that you want to tag with the same category or categories.
  4. At the bottom of the screen, select Add Categories.
  5. Select categories and sub-categories as described above in the "Creating and Editing Questions" section of this article. 
  6. When you're finished making changes, select Done.


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