Enterprise Portal: Import Categories

You can create and manage categories in ExamSoft, but you might find it more convenient to create your complete category structure in an Excel file and then import it into ExamSoft.




Create the Excel File

Use a template to ensure that your file has the right structure, and then enter your categories and sub-categories.

  1. To download the template, select this link: Category Import Template.xlsx
  2. Open the file in Excel.
  3. Replace the sample text with the names of your category types, categories, sub-categories, and so on.

    Important: Complete only one cell in each row. Add and delete rows, if needed. 

    • Column A is for category type. In the example below, we entered our first category type, National Standards, in Row 1, Column A.
    • Column B is for the categories within the above category type. In the example, we entered a category, Communication, in Row 2, Column B. 
    • Column C is for sub-categories within the above category. In the example, we entered two sub-categories. Proposal Writing is in Row 3, Column C, and Formal Presentations is in Row 4, Column C.
    • Column D can be used for the sub-sub-categories within the above sub-category. In the example, we didn't enter any sub-sub-categories, so Column D is not shown.
    • Next, we needed a second category type. Column A is for category types, so we entered Critical Thinking in Row 5, Column A.
    • We also needed a category below that. Column Bis for categories, so we entered Cause-Effect Analysis in Row 6, Column B.
  4. When you're finished building your category tree, save the file as XLS or XLSX.



Note: Do not enter a header row in your file. This table includes the column labels only to help you to interpret the example.

  Column A
(category type)
Column B
Column C
Row 1 National Standards    
Row 2   Communication  
Row 3     Proposal Writing
Row 4     Formal Presentations
Row 5 Critical Thinking    
Row 6   Cause-Effect Analysis  


Import Your Category File

  1. Log in to your institution's ExamSoft portal.
  2. Select the Admin menu (near the top right corner of the page).
  3. Select Category Management.
  4. Select Import (near the top right corner of the page). You can drag and drop your file or select Browse to find the file on your computer.

    Your file will be processed and imported. A confirmation message will appear near the top right corner of the screen.


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