Legacy Portal: Tips for Hot Spot Questions

This article helps you to create Hot Spot questions. For example, this type of question might ask the exam-taker to identify a country on a map or a bone in an X-ray. You'll add an image and define the area that represents the correct answer to the question.

Note: For an overview of the question-creation process and the various options that are available, see: Legacy Portal: Basic Steps to Create Questions



  • To add a hot spot image: Drag and drop the image or select the box below the question text box. You can add a JPG, JPEG, PNG, or GIF file.


  • To remove a hot spot image: In the box below the added image, select Remove file.


  • To create the hot spot area: You need to define the area that represents the correct answer to the question. In Examplify, the exam-taker must place a pin in this area of the image to receive credit for the question. 

    First, select the type of hotspot (rectangle or polygon), and then outline the hot spot area:

    • For a rectangle: Drag your cursor to define the area.
    • For a polygon (available soon): Click a starting point (such as the top of the area that you want to define) and then click to create short line segments all the way around the area. You can add up to 20 line segments.


      • There can be only one hot spot area per question.
      • Altering your browser's zoom settings will distort the hot spot area.
      • Before saving the new hot spot question, ensure that the location is correct.
  • To move a hot spot: Press and hold your cursor on the hotspot, and then drag it where you need it to be. 


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