Legacy Portal: Tips for Ordering Questions

This feature is currently in limited release. Please reach out to your Customer Success Manager with any questions.


  1. Select the Questions menu (at the top of the screen).
  2. Select the Create Ordering button.
    Note: For more information, see: Legacy Portal: Basic Steps to Create and Edit Questions


  1. Enter the question text, including instructional text to help the exam-takers understand what to do in the Ordering interaction.
    • Explain what they are seeing and what they need to order. For example: "Review the procedural steps for taking a person’s blood pressure reading. Drag and rearrange these steps in the correct chronological order.”
    • If you select the Partial Credit option (on the left side of the screen, under Options), include wording to explain how partial credit will affect their score. For example: “Answer Carefully:  Any items arranged in their correct position will receive credit.  Items not in the correct position will receive no credit.”
  2. Example: Instructional Text in the Question Stem


  1. Enter a section title appropriate for the question.
    In the following example, we entered ‘Procedural Steps’.  Next, enter the steps for taking a patient’s blood pressure.  Note that each item you enter on the left automatically appears on the right and is denoted as the “Correct Ordering.”  
  2. The Unordered items on the left can be dragged and rearranged into any order, and is how they will appear on the assessment for your exam takers.  You can also click “Randomize” to quickly randomize the items on the left, which alters how they will appear on the assessment.
  3. The Correct Ordering on the right can also be dragged and arranged as you see fit, and will define the correct Ordering for this question.  
  4. Be sure to double-check that you are satisfied with both the appearance of the Unordered items on the left, and with the Correct Ordering on the right.


  1. (Recommended) Assign one or more categories. For more information, see: Legacy Portal: Assign Categories to Questions
  2. (Optional) Select other options, if needed.
  3. Save the question.
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