Legacy Portal: How to create a Case Study (Electronic Health Record)

This feature is currently in Early Access and only compatible with Examplify 3.1 and higher. Please reach out to your Customer Success Manager with questions regarding access to this feature.


Legacy Portal: Create Create a Case Study Artifact


  1. Click to create a new question of any desired type.
    Note: For more information, see: Legacy Portal: Basic Steps to Create and Edit Questions


  1. On the question creation screen, click Add a Case Study Artifact.
  1. Next, add text to the Tab Title by selecting the pencil icon on the Tab, and add text to the Tab Content, as applicable.

  2. Add additional Tabs, Tab Titles, and Tab Content as needed.  You can create up to 5 Tabs.


  3. You can continue to edit the case study and tabs until the question is Approved, or you can delete the case study by selecting the Remove Case Study button at the top of the case study section.


  4. Finish adding a question stem, answer choices, and the selection of correct answers as required by the question type you are creating.

  5. Click Save and Approve, and add your newly-created question to an assessment.

Congratulations!  You have successfully created a question with a Case Study!  If you require the same case study for additional questions, you will need to recreate the case study for each new question using the steps above.

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