Legacy Portal: Create a Group of Questions

If you want certain questions to appear together, even when an assessment is set up to randomize questions, you can assign them to a group. For example, let's say that you have three closely related questions about the European Union. You could put them into a group called EU. The randomizer will treat those questions as a group. In one exam, they might appear as question #1, 2, and 3, while in another exam they appear as question #5, 6, and 7; however, they will always appear together.




Specify a Group in the Question Settings

  1. Create or edit a question as you'd normally do (see: Legacy Portal: Basic Steps to Create Questions).
  2. Near the top left corner of the page, enter a unique name for the Group.


  3. Save the question.
  4. Create or edit the other questions for this group, and enter the same group name in the Group field.


View and Sort a Question List by Group

  1. Navigate to the question list that you want to view.

    For example:

    • To view all available questions, select the Questions tab.
    • To see only the questions within an assessment, select the Assessments tab, and then select the assessment.
    • To select questions to add to an assessment that you are creating or editing, select the Add Questions to Assessment button.
  2. If the Group column is not displayed, select the gear icon, then select Add Columns, and then select Groups.


  3. Select the Groups column header to sort the questions alphabetically by the name of the group. 
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