Legacy Portal: View Exam Starts

This article explains how to view the exam starts for the Bar Exam. You can identify the applicants whose identities have been validated in ExamID, those who are pending verification, and those who have not started the validation process yet. 

Note: This article does not cover the ExamMonitor review process.  For complete information about Exam Integrity reviews, see: Exam Integrity: Review ExamID and ExamMonitor Results



  1. Go to the ExamSoft Portal for your state, such as www.examsoft.com/XXbar (where XX = your state)
  2. In the Administrators/Faculty area, enter your login credentials.


  3. Select the Exam Integrity menu (at the top of the screen).


  4. Navigate to the folder for your current bar exam.
  5. Select the plus sign next to the folder.  
  6. Select the folder for the exams that you want to view (for example, Standard).


    This leads to the Review Queue page.


  7. Use the ExamID Filters to see which exam-takers are in which status.

    For example:

    • To see which applicants have started the exam and were successfully validated with ExamID, open the ExamID dropdown menu, and then select Verified.
    • To see which applicants have started the exam but have not been validated yet, select Pending Verification.


    For more information about the filter options, refer to the complete status list below.

    Icon Filter Name Description

    image (40).png

    Verified This applicant has been processed through ExamID, and the photo taken for this particular exam matches this applicant's baseline and other successful photos. 
    image (37).png Accommodation This applicant has a non-secure accommodation that will bypass ExamID and ExamMonitor. This means that the exam will be taken in non-secure mode, and this applicant will not be monitored. 
    image (38).png Incident Detected The photo taken for this particular exam did not match this applicant's baseline photo. Possible reasons could be that this applicant had poor lighting, no webcam picture at all, a mask covering, or poor face alignment, or that another person was trying to validate.
    **** Resume Code Used This applicant received a resume code to get into the ExamID and bypass the ExamID process. This will not bypass ExamMonitor.
    image (39).png Pending Verification This applicant has taken a picture for validation, and ExamID has not yet completed the validation.  The applicant can proceed to take the exam while verification is pending.
      No Icon The applicant has not yet started the exam.


    Note: To view more applicants on the page, use the View selector on the right side of the screen. You can view up to 500 applicants at one time. 


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