Deactivate Applicants Who Have Not Registered or Completed the Mock Exam

Applicants are required to register Examplify and to take a Mock Exam before exam day. By deactivating the applicants who do not meet these requirements, you'll help to ensure optimal Examplify performance on the day of the exam. 

In the following procedures, you'll review applicants' registration status and mock exam status. You can take various actions as you investigate. For example, might want to resend reminder emails and allow additional time before you deactivate the applicants. 



Select the appropriate procedures below to investigate the applicants' status and to take the desired actions.


Log In to ExamSoft

  1. Go to your institution's ExamSoft Portal, such as (whereXX= your state).
  2. In the Administrators/Faculty area, enter your login credentials.



Check the Mock Exam Status

Each applicant is required to take a mock assessment before sitting for the Bar Exam to ensure they have the correct version of Examplify and are familiar with how to use the software. You need to identify the applicants who have not completed this important process. 

Note: If you created multiple mock exams, such as "Mock Exam 1" and "Mock Exam 2," you'll need to complete this procedure for each assessment.

  1. Select the Assessments menu (at the top of the page).


  2. Select the folder for your exams, such as July 2021, and then select Mock Exams.
  3. In the list of assessments, select the first mock exam.
  4. Select the Exam Taker Activity tab.
  5. Select the Advanced Search button.


  6. To find the applicants who have not completed the mock exam, enter the following filters (or use other criteria to do other searches):


    • Download Assessment: All
    • Exam Takers: Active
    • Uploaded Answers: No
  7. Select Search to apply the search filters.
  8. Select the Excel icon (near the top right corner of the search results table) to export this filtered list.


  9. Repeat this procedure for your other mock exam(s).
  10. Review the Excel spreadsheet(s), as needed, and determine what actions you want to take:


Search for Unregistered Applicants (or Other Criteria)

  1. Select the Exam-Takers menu (at the top of the page).


  2. Select the Advanced Search button.


  3. To display only the applicants who have not registered, select the Status drop-down list, then select Unregistered. (Or enter other criteria such as name, email, assessment date, or Exam-Taker Group.)


  4. Select Search.
  5. Review the information, as needed, and determine what actions you want to take:


Edit an Applicant's Information

In some cases, you might discover that an applicant's failure to take the mock exam or to register was due to an incorrect email address in the applicant record. You can edit the email address, and then resend the registration email.

Note: You also can edit the applicant's name, but you cannot edit the applicant’s ID.

  1. After finding an applicant that you want to edit, select the pencil icon in the Actions column.
  2. In the pop-up window, enter the new information, and then select Save.


  3. If you want to resend the registration email to the applicant, continue to the next procedure.


Resend the Registration Email

  1. After finding an applicant that you want to contact, select the email icon in the Actions column.
  2. In the email template drop-down list, select the template that you want to use, and then select Add
  3. Make sure that the ExamID Taker and Password are checked. 
  4. Select Send.



Deactivate Applicants

  1. Find the applicant(s) that you want to deactivate.

    Note: If Exam Codes were assigned and if your institution reuses the same Exam Codes periodically, remove the Exam Codes from these records before you continue. 

    If the Exam Code field is not showing on the Exam-Taker Management page, select the gear icon (on the right side of the table), and then add the Exam Code column. You can then see if Exam Codes have been assigned. (After adding a new column, you might have to scroll right to see all of the columns in the table.)


  2. Continue as follows:
    • To deactivate an individual applicant: Select the red X button in the Actions column, and then select Yes when the confirmation message appears.
    • To deactivate multiple applicants:
      1. Select the checkboxes one by one, or use the checkbox in the header row to select all displayed applicants.
      2. Select the Deactivate Selected button at the bottom of the page. (You might need to scroll down to see the button.)
      3. Select Yes when the confirmation message appears.


Remove Exam Codes (If Applicable)

If an Exam Code was assigned to an applicant, and if your institution reuses the same codes periodically, then you should remove the Exam Code before you deactivate an applicant record. Then that code can be reused for an active applicant.

  1. Find the applicant(s) that you want to deactivate.
  2. To edit the exam-taker record, select the pencil icon in the Action column.
  3. In the pop-up window, delete the value in the Exam Code field.


  4. Save the record.
  5. Repeat this procedure, as needed, for other applicants.
  6. If you are ready to deactivate the applicant(s), continue to the "Deactivate Applicants" procedure.
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