Legacy Portal: Reset Your Account Password


  1. Select Lost Student ID or Password?.

    Note: This will bring up a pop up window titled Forgot Your Student ID or Password.

  2. Enter your StudentID or Email Address into the pop up window. 


  3. Select Send.

    Note: Once done, you will see a confirmation message stating "The StudentID and Password have been emailed and should be received within a few minutes".


  4. Sign in to your email, and select the email from ExamSoft Support.
  5. Select the link to reset your password in the email.


  6. Enter your new password and re-enter it to confirm. 

    Note: The password must be six to twelve characters and can only be alphanumeric characters. It cannot contain any spaces or dashes. 


    Once complete, there will be a confirmation message stating "Your password has been successfully changed". You will be redirected to the login page in ten seconds, or you can click the link to automatically go back to the login page. 


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