Enterprise Portal: Student Pay

If Student Pay is turned on for your institution, you must pay for your license before using ExamSoft software. When you accept your email invitation and log in for the first time, you will be prompted for payment.


Note: Before proceeding, verify that your device meets the system requirements. See: Minimum System Requirements

Depending on the settings for your institution, you might be prompted to pay by using PayPal or by entering a voucher code.

PayPal Payment


Voucher Code Payment


If you are paying for a currently active license period, then your course list will appear after you submit your payment. You can download Examplify from your course list.


  • If you are paying for a license period that has not yet started, you will see a message indicating that you will have access to your courses and Examplify when the license period begins.
  • If you are set up as a Lab User, you will not have the option to download Examplify from your course list.


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