Elsevier (Evolve): Export Test Banks



Export Test Banks

  1. Log in to your existing Evolve Elsevier account.
  2. On your My Evolve page, select your resource/textbook.
  3. Inside of your resource, select the Instructor Resources folder.
  4. Select the folder labeled Test Banks. For most resources, this will be listed toward the bottom of the screen.

    Note: The Test Bank Folder will contain two types of links.

  5. Select the appropriate test bank labeled Download.
  6. Download the file and save the zipped folder to your computer.


Prepare File for Import

  1. Extract the files in the zipped folder.

    Note: When you extract the zipped folder, you will see 3 documents within it.

  2. Locate the Microsoft Word document (saved as DOCX) and open it.

    Note: If the document is password-protected, enter the password first.

  3. Save this document as an RTF file. This action will require accepting password removal before saving.


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