Legacy Portal: Export Questions and Cumulative Statistics

You can select questions by folder or by category and export them to a text-based RTF file or a formatted PDF file.

The content of the export depends on the selected file type.

  • Both file formats include the question, the answer choices, the correct answer, and the assigned categories.
  • The PDF is formatted for easy readability and includes extra content: images, attachments, internal comments, the item weight, partial credit, and any available psychometrics from posted assessments. 
  • The RTF is an importable file format. This file has the same file format and question syntax that is used for question files that are imported into ExamSoft. The RTF file does not include the extra content in the PDF but includes the question type and the folder. 

Note: If you want to see the question statistics for a particular assessment, see: Legacy Portal: View the Item Analysis Report



In this procedure, you'll choose the method to select the questions for the report, and you'll choose the file type.

  1. Select the Questions menu (at the top of the screen).
  2. In the folder tree (on the left side of the page), select one of the following tabs, based on the method that you want to use to select the questions for your report.
    • Questions by Folder: The export will include all questions from a selected folder.
    • Questions by Category: The export will include all questions from a selected category.
  3. Find the folder/category that you want to use, then select the gear icon, and then select the format, as described below.
    • For Questions by Folder, the following menu appears. Select the format. 

      Note: If you select RTF, a pop-up message appears. Select Yes to continue.

    • For Questions by Category, the following menu appears. Select Export, and then use the dropdown menu (in the pop-up window) to select the format. Finally, select Yes.



  4. In your Downloads, extract the ZIP file, and then open the PDF or RTF file.

    Note: The ZIP filename will include either the folder name or the question name (depending on the method that you chose) and will also include the date in MMDDYYYY format. After you extract the ZIP file, the PDF or RTF file will consist of the folder name or category name.


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