Enterprise Portal: Exam Proctoring

Use the Proctoring page to see which exam-takers have downloaded their exam files and uploaded their answer files. You also can view information, adjust download limits, and generate continuation or resume codes.



  1. Log in to your institution's ExamSoft portal.
  2. Select the course and the assessment.
  3. Select the Proctoring tab. 


Available Information


Assessment Information

  • Type: The customizable assessment type selected during the creation process.
  • Scheduled on date: The date and time when you you want the exam-takers to take the assessment.
  • Download window: The time period when the assessment is available for downloading in Examplify.
  • Time until exam: (Available if exam has not yet occurred) Provides an easy to read countdown until the time of the exam.
  • Examplify Version x.x.x or greater is required: Students will not be able to download the assessment without the minimum required Examplify version.


Exam-Taker Information

View all exam-takers or search for a particular user by using the name or the ID.

To search: Enter the words or characters in the search box. The list will be filtered to show only the matching results. To view the full list again, remove the characters from the search box.



Tracking Totals

You'll see the tracking totals at the top of the screen.
  • Student posted: The number of exam-takers who were selected to take this assessment.
  • Downloads: The number of exam-takers who have successfully downloaded the exam.
  • Uploads: The number of exam-takers who have successfully uploaded their answer files.
  • Upload deadline: (if applicable) The date and time of when answer files need to be submitted.


Additional Information

Additional information is available below the summary.

  • Exam-taker: The name, as provided during account creation.
  • Student ID: The unique ID for the exam-taker.
  • Max downloads: The number of downloads allowed per exam-taker.
  • Downloads: Shows the number of times the assessment has been downloaded, as well as the date and time stamp of the initial download.
  • Upload status: Shows the date and time of the successfully uploaded answer file in green text.


Download Options

In order to increase the exam downloads for a particular exam-taker, select the plus sign within the Max Downloads column, or enter the allotted amount of exam downloads.


In order to decrease the exam downloads for a particular exam-taker, select the minus sign within the Max Downloads column, or enter the allotted amount of exam downloads.


Continuation or Resume Codes

In various situations, Examplify will display a message that requires the exam-taker to get a Resume Code from the proctor in order to continue an exam. For example, if an exam-taker's computer is turned off during an exam and remains off longer than the rebooter time limit, then this type of message will appear. Until it is entered, the exam-taker will be unable to continue the exam. These precautions help to ensure exam integrity.

The exam-taker's screen will display a code (called a Continuation Code or a Challenge Key). (For more information about the messages that exam-takers see, go to: Examplify: Challenge Key (Continuation Code) Messages and Resume Codes.) You will use the code/key from the exam-taker's screen to obtain a Resume Code from your ExamSoft Portal.

For how-to instructions about issuing a Resume Code, see: Enterprise Portal: Issue Resume Codes


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