Enterprise Portal: Manage Multiple Exam Uploads

You can end up with multiple exam uploads in various circumstances. For example, you might have set up the assessment to allow multiple attempts, as in the case of a mock exam or practice exam. Or during an exam, an exam-taker might accidentally upload the answer file prematurely and need to try again.

This article explains how to allow multiple attempts, how to manage multiple answer files, and how to accept one answer file as the final score.

Note: Uploads will not be accepted past the upload deadline. If you need to allow an exam-taker to upload an answer file after the posted deadline, refer to the procedure (in this article) to Extend the Upload Deadline.  




Open the Assessment

  1. Log in to your institution's ExamSoft portal.
  2. Select the course and the  assessment.


Allow Multiple Downloads in the Post Settings

Go through the usual steps to create the assessment. On the Post Settings page, scroll down to Maximum Downloads, and enter the number of downloads to allow.


For more information, see: Enterprise Portal: Get Started Creating an Assessment

Note: If you've already posted the assessment, you cannot change the Maximum Downloads. Instead, you can allow additional downloads on the Proctoring tab. Refer to the next procedure.


Allow an Additional Download While Proctoring an Assessment

  1. Open the assessment, and then select the Proctoring tab.
  2. Scroll or search to find the exam-taker who needs to download the exam again.
  3. In the Max Downloads column, select the plus button to increase the number of times that this exam-taker can download this exam.



Extend the Upload Deadline

Follow this procedure if you want to allow an exam-taker to upload an answer file after the original Upload Deadline.

  1. Open the assessment, and then select the Post Settings tab.
  2. Scroll down to the Upload Deadline
  3. Enter a new time and/or date.
  4. Select Update Posting.


Manage Multiple Answer Files and Select the Final Attempt

By default, the system uses the first upload for scoring. Instead, you can select the attempt that you want to use.

  1. Open the assessment.
  2. Select the Proctoring tab.
  3. Scroll or search to find the exam-taker.
  4. In the Uploads column, select the number in the blue box.


  5. Refer to the date, time, score, and source of each answer file, and then select the file that you want to use for scoring.


  6. Select Save to finalize your selection.
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