Enterprise Portal: Make-Up Assessments

If certain exam-takers are unable to sit for an assessment at the scheduled time, you might want to provide an opportunity to make it up. First, remove these exam-takers from the original assessment. Next, duplicate the original assessment to use as the basis for the make-up assessment.

  • If you want to keep the original questions and Assessment Options, you can link the two assessments, which will then be combined for reporting purposes.
  • If you want to edit the questions and the Assessment Options for the duplicated assessment, you can make it unlinked, in which case it will have separate reporting.



  1. If the exam was already downloaded by the individuals who need the make-up assessment, instruct them to remove the exam from Examplify.

    Note: Refer them to the Remove a Downloaded Exam instructions on the Help Site.

  2. In ExamSoft, navigate to the course.
  3. Remove the exam-takers who missed the assessment:
    1. Select the assessment.
    2. Select the Post Settings tab.
    3. Under Students, select the button that shows the total number of exam-takers for this assessment.

      After selecting the button, you'll see a list of all exam-takers who were selected to take the original exam. A checkmark appears for each selected individual.

    4. Scroll or search to find an exam-taker who missed the assessment.
    5. Hover your mouse over the checkmark, which will change to an X, and then select the X to remove this exam-taker.

      The deselected exam-taker will have a plus sign next to the name, instead of a checkmark, and a message will indicate the number of exam-takers to be removed.


    6. Repeat the above step until you have removed all of the exam-takers who missed this assessment.
    7. Select Save. The deselected exam-takers are removed from the original exam. 
  4. Create and post the make-up assessment:
    1. Duplicate the original assessment to create the make-up assessment, which can be linked or unlinked. For more information, see: Enterprise Portal: Duplicate an Assessment (Linked and Unlinked)
    2. On the Post Settings page, select the Students button, and then assign only the exam-takers who need to do the make-up.
    3. Post the assessment.
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