Examplify and Examplify for iPad: Exam-Taking Features and Options

These tips will help you to take exams with Examplify and Examplify for iPad.

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Examplify (Desktop) Examplify (iPad)

These tips will help you to take exams with Examplify.

Use the Exam Controls


Exam-Level Attachments

If your exam includes an exam-level attachment, select Exam Controls, and then select Exam Attachments. Within the pop-up window, you can scroll, adjust the zoom, and highlight text.


Note: To learn more about attachments, see: Examplify: Tips for Viewing PDF Attachments and the "View Attachments" video in the Examplify Video Guide


Hide, Suspend, or Submit the Exam

  • Hide Exam (if enabled)Hides the exam but keeps the Examplify application running. This option is typically used during authorized breaks at on-site exams. Select Resume when you return to your computer. For more information, see: Examplify: Hide your Exam
  • Suspend Exam (if enabled): Stops the exam, the exam timer, and any alarms. This option is typically enabled for practice exams and low-stakes assignments. It allows you to pause an exam and return to it later without any time penalty.  For more information, see: Examplify: Suspend an Exam
  • Submit Exam: At any point during the exam, you can select this option to end the exam and, upon confirmation, upload it. 


Use the Tool Kit Menu

This menu offers additional options, if enabled for this exam.


  • View the time remaining and set time reminders (if this is a timed exam): You can add multiple timers so that reminders appear as the time progresses. For example, you can set an alarm to occur 10 minutes from now or 10 minutes before the exam's scheduled end time. Alarms will appear at the top of the screen.  

    Note: For more information, see the "Set a Reminder/Alarm" video in the Examplify Video Guide.

  • Adjust the text size: Use the slider to make the question text larger or smaller. 
  • Change the highlighter color (if this feature is enabled for this exam).


    • The selection that you make in the Tool Kit will be the default color that is selected when you highlight text in a question.
    • You also can select the highlighter color in the area above the question. Select the > icon, and then select a color.


      Tip: If you have highlighted some text and want to remove the highlighting, use the eraser button above the question.

    • Examplify for iPad does not have a built-in highlighter feature, but instead uses the native iPad highlighting. You can highlight as usual on your iPad.
    • You also can highlight text in attachments. For more information, see the "Highlight Text in a Question or PDF Attachment" video in the Examplify Video Guide.
  • Use the basic calculator. To learn more, see: Examplify: Use the Basic Calculator During an Assessment
  • Enter notes, if enabled. This feature is similar to having an online "scratch pad." For example, you can use it to work out your answer to a question or to outline an essay.
  • If the exam-maker has enabled the Feedback option, and you select the check box (as shown below) your note will be seen by the instructor (or grader). See: Examplify: Enter Notes and Feedback During an Assessment



Navigate, Flag, and Answer Questions

Examplify provides special features for different types of questions.

  • To move back and forward between questions: Select the Previous button or the Next button (near the lower right corner of the screen).
    Note: Backward navigation might not be available for your exam.
  • To go to a particular question: Use the question number list (on the left side of the screen). At the top and bottom of this panel, you can use the up and down arrow buttons to navigate through the list of questions. 

    Note: Also see the "Navigate Through Questions" video in the Examplify Video Guide.

  • To flag a question to return to later: If this option is available, the Flag Question button appears above the question.


    After you flag a question, a flag will appear on the question number in the left panel. 


    Note: Also see the "Flag a Question" video in the Examplify Video Guide.

  • To show only Unanswered or Flagged questions: Use the Filter button (above the question number list), and then select Unanswered or Flagged. To display all questions, select the Filter button again, and then select All.



Use Spreadsheets and Calculators to Answer Questions

View a Question-Level Attachment

If an attachment is available for a question, you can view it on the right side of the screen.  Within the attachment area, you can adjust the zoom, highlight text, and search.


You also can make the attachment area larger or smaller by dragging the center bar left or right.


Note: For information about PDF attachments, see Examplify: Tips for Viewing PDF Attachments and the and the "View Attachments" video in the Examplify Video Guide.


Answer Questions

  • Strike Out Tool for Multiple Choice Questions: On the right side of the question area, there's an eye-shaped icon for each answer choice. You can use this icon to strike out the options that you consider to be wrong answers. Then you can focus more easily on the remaining options. When ready, select the correct answer(s).

    Important: Striking out answer choices is only for your convenience; you must select the correct answer(s) to receive credit for the question. Also see the "Use the Strike-Out Feature" video in the Examplify Video Guide.

    For more tips about Multiple Choice Questions, see: Examplify: Answer a Multiple Choice Question

  • Fill-in-the-Blank Questions: In the body of the question, you'll see a number that represent the missing text. This number corresponds to a number in the Answers area. Depending on the way that this "blank" was set up, you'll answer in one of the following ways: enter your own text or select an answer from a drop-down list. For more information, see: Examplify: Answer a Fill in the Blank Question
  • Hot Spot Questions: Below the question, you'll see an image. You'll answer the question by clicking a spot on the image. See: Examplify: Answer a Hot Spot Question
  • Drag-and-Drop Questions: Below the question, you'll see a list of possible answers. You'll drag the correct choices to the box on the right side of the screen. See: Examplify: Answer a Drag-and-Drop Question
  • Matching Questions: Use the drop-down lists to view and select the answer choices. See: Examplify: Answer a Matching Question
  • Essay Questions: Below the question, enter your answer, and use the formatting toolbar to format the text. 
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