Examplify: Answer a Drag-and-Drop Question

This article provides tips to help you to answer Drag-and-Drop questions on your exams.



  • Below the question text are two boxes.
    • The box on the left contains the answer choices.
    • The box on the right is where you'll place your response(s).
  • On a PC or Mac, use your mouse to drag your response(s) from one box to another. On an iPad, simply tap on an item to move it.


    • To answer the question, you will move your responses from the answer choices box on the left into the response box on the right.

    • The order of your answers is not assessed in Drag-and-Drop questions.

      • The options within the answer choice(s) and response(s) boxes can only be moved between boxes; they cannot be arranged into a specific order within the boxes.




  • Guessing is discouraged because the exam-maker can set up the exam to apply penalties for incorrect answer choices.
  • Keyboard Shortcuts: As an alternative to dragging and dropping, you can use keyboard shortcuts.
    • To move the cursor to an answer choice: Use the arrow key combinations below. This movement will include both boxes.


      Windows Press Ctrl + Shift plus the left arrow key or the right arrow key.
      Mac Press Shift + ⌘ plus the left arrow key or the right arrow key


      When an answer choice is selected, it will have a thick border, as shown below.


    • To move the selected answer choice to the other box: When an answer choice is selected (with a thick border), use the Spacebar key combination below to move it to the other box.  


      Windows Press Ctrl + Shift + Spacebar.
      Mac Press Shift + + Spacebar


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