Examplify: Answer a Matching Question

This article provides tips to help you to answer Matching questions on your exams. 


  • Read the question, and then read through the list of items to be matched.
  • In the list on the right, select the down arrow, and read the answer choices in the pop-up menu. Select your answer. (If it's a long list, you might need to scroll down within the menu to find the correct answer choice.)

    Matching - Student.gif

  • Guessing is discouraged because the exam-maker can set up the exam to apply penalties for incorrect answer choices.
  • Once selected, the answer choice will be removed from the drop-down list.
    • If all of the answer choices have been selected, you can deselect an answer by choosing the --- option. Then, any unselected answer choices will populate the drop-down menu again.
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