Examplify: Answer a Highlight Text Question

This article provides tips to help you to answer highlight text questions on your exams.

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  • Below the question stem, you will see a few sentences (or paragraphs) with answer options outlined with a blue-lined box. 

    • The content will contain regular text that is part of the question.
    • Potential answers are outlined by the grey-checked line.
      • In the example below, there are 11 potential answers.
    • Selected answers are outlined by a solid, blue line and highlight.
      • To answer the question, you will select the outlined text to highlight. Once selected, the outline will be solid and highlighted.
        • In the example below, the exam-taker has selected 7 answers.
      • Guessing is discouraged because the exam-maker can set up the exam to apply penalties for incorrect answer choices.

Note: The order of your answers is not assessed in highlight text questions.


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