Examplify: Answer a Fill in the Blank Question

For this type of question, look for the numbered space(s) within the question text, and then enter your answer in the corresponding numbered box in the Answers area. 

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Spaces in the Question Text

The question text will contain one or more numbered spaces. Each space represents a missing word or phrase. If there are multiple numbers within the question text, be sure to look for the corresponding numbers in the Answers area.


Two important points to remember:

  • The question can be formatted in various ways (sentences, paragraphs, tables, bulleted lists, etc.)

Example - Question with a Matrix/Grid format


  • If there are multiple spaces in the question, be sure to complete all answer boxes in the Answers area.
Example - Multiple answer spaces


Answers Area

There are three types of answer spaces for Fill in the Blank questions: text-entry spaces, numeric value spaces, and drop-down spaces. A question can include different types of spaces. For example, one space might require you to type your answer, and another might require you to select a choice from a drop-down list.

  • Text entry: Enter your answer by typing in the box.


  • Numeric value: The answer box contains these instructions: Please enter a numeric value. You must enter a numeral.


  • Drop-down list: The answer box displays the instructions: Select answer choice. It also has an arrow on the end, indicating that it is a drop-down list.


    Click anywhere in the answer box to display the drop-down list, and then select your answer.


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