Enterprise Portal: Post an Assessment with ExamID or ExamMonitor

This article explains how to enable ExamID, ExamMonitor, or both, (if available for your institution) when you are posting an assessment.


Before You Begin

Create your assessment.

Important: If you have previously posted this assessment without setting a time limit in the Proctoring Options, and you want to use ExamMonitor for this subsequent posting, then you must duplicate the assessment before you begin the Procedure. 



  1. Open the assessment and select the Post Assessment button.  
  2. Enter the basic settings as you would for any assessment.

    Note: For information about the basic settings, see:  Enterprise Portal: Post an Assessment

  3. Under Exam Integrity Options, select ExamID if you want to validate exam-takers' identities based on photos.


    • A baseline photo will be taken during a mock exam. On exam day, another photo will be taken before the exam starts. If the photos do not match, the exam-taker will be allowed to take the exam, but an incident will be flagged on the Exam Integrity page. You can investigate to determine if there was an integrity breach. 
    • Your exam-takers will need an internet connection to start an exam with ExamID.
  4. Select ExamMonitor if you want to capture videos to be used for remote proctoring. 


    • Remote proctoring is not a live proctoring solution. Video is recorded during the exam, and these files are uploaded when the exam is submitted.
    • When you select ExamMonitor, ExamID also is selected. ExamMonitor uses ExamID to flag any incidents in which the exam-taker's video image varies from the baseline photo.
  5. If you selected ExamMonitor, also enter these additional required settings:
    • Scheduled On Date
    • Time Limit
    • Proctoring Type - Choose from Individual with No Resources, Individual with Paper Resources, Group with No Resources, or Group with Paper Resources. Please note that group and paper resource options will have a bigger impact on the reporting from exams proctored with Human Review (HR) enabled. Artificial Intelligence (A.I.) tagging may be less accurate when detecting and identifying objects.
      1. Individual means that the exam-taker must be the only individual in the room during the exam.
      2. Group means that multiple exam-takers may be present in the room during the exam.
      3. No resources means that the exam-taker must not use resources such as earbuds, headphones, cell phones, text books, note cards, scratch paper, and whiteboards. An incident is likely to be flagged if there are multiple voices, multiple people in frame, or evidence of resources being used.
      4. Paper Resources means resources such as textbooks, note cards, and scratch paper are permitted. Electronic resources such as earbuds, cell phones, and calculators are still prohibited.
  6. If you select ExamMonitor and want to enable Secure Review, be aware of the following information:
    • Secure Review will increase the time that the exam-taker is in the exam, resulting in a longer video recording and the units used for this assessment.
    • To enable Secure Review with ExamMonitor, you must select Immediate Review in the Assessment Review Settings.


  7. Select any other options that you want to enable for this assessment.
  8. When you're ready to post, select Post Assessment.

    Note: After posting, if you make changes in any of the posting options, you must  repost the assessment.


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