Enterprise Portal: Enable and View Feedback for an Assessment

When you are creating an assessment, you can enable Notes and Feedback.




Enable Notes and Feedback

  1. Select the course and the assessment.
  2. Select the Assessment Options tab.
  3. Find the Options to Enable section.


    • Notes: If you select this option, Examplify will provide a field where the exam-takers can write notes during the assessment.
    • Enable Feedback: This feature is available only if notes is enabled. If you select this option, the exam-takers will see a checkbox within the Notes section. They can select this box to indicate that they want feedback from you about their notes.


View Feedback After an Assessment

If you enable the Feedback option and any exam-takers request feedback during the assessment, you will see the option to view feedback at the top of the Reporting/Adjust Scoring tab, under Class View


After you make a selection, the feedback table will appear under each question.

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