Enterprise Portal: Create an ExamNow Assessment

ExamNow is an audience response tool that you can use to promote active learning when meeting with your exam-takers for a class, an exam preparation session, or other purposes. ExamNow can help you to increase engagement and measure learning. The exam-takers can participate in ExamNow quizzes on their mobile devices or computers with supported browsers and operating systems. 

Note: Your formative assessments in ExamNow can include most question types from the question bank that you use for summative assessments. For more information, see: Supported Question Types and Formatting Options for Examplify and ExamNow


Before You Begin

ExamNow must enabled for your institution. For more information, please contact your Customer Success Manager.

ExamNow assessments differ from Examplify assessments in certain ways. Before you create your ExamNow assessment, be sure to read the following information.

  • Unlike Examplify exams, assessments you post are immediately shown on the instructor portal. However, the exam-takers cannot see the exam until the instructor chooses to start that exam from the ExamNow portal.  
  • Keep in mind that the person who posts the assessment is the only person who will see it in the instructor portal. If you create an assessment, but another instructor is going to use it in a meeting with exam-takers, that instructor needs to post the assessment. 
  • Your ExamNow assessment can include most but not all question types from your ExamSoft question bank. For more information, see: Supported Question Types and Formatting Options for Examplify and ExamNow




Create an ExamNow Assessment

  1. Select the course in which you want to use an ExamNow Assessment.
  2. Select Assessments
  3. Select Create.


  4. Enter a Name for your assessment.
  5. Select a Classification.
  6. For Assessment Type, select Question bank.
  7. At the bottom of the screen, select ExamNow.
  8. Select Create.

    Exam Soft - Frame 171.jpg

  9. To add questions, select the + button (near the top left corner of the page). 

    You can find existing questions or create new ones.


  10. Reorder the questions, if needed. 

    As a best practice, organize the questions to align with your lecture or other planned activities. This way, when you're leading the session with the exam-takers, you can easily navigate one by one through the questions.

    To change the position of a question, position your mouse pointer over it, and then drag it to the new position.


  11. Select Save and Continue (near the top right corner of the page).



Post an ExamNow Assessment

The assessment needs to be posted by person who will administer the ExamNow Assessment with the exam-takers.
  1. Select the course.
  2. Select Assessments.
  3. Select the ExamNow assessment that you're ready to post.
  4. On the Build Assessment tab, make changes if needed. If you make changes, select Save and Continue.
  5. On the Post Settings tab, select the exam-takers for this assessment:
  6. Select the Select Students button.


    In the pop-up window, select the plus sign (+) button in the header row to select all exam-takers, or select individual checkboxes in the table.

    Select Save to return to the Post Settings page.

  7. Select the Schedule Date

    Note: Because ExamNow assessments can be run at any time and are instructor-led, this date is only for reference in your assessment postings. The assessment will be available in your ExamNow portal as soon as it is posted.

  8. Select Finalize (near the top right corner of the page).
  9. When the confirmation message appears, select Post.


Next Steps

You can use this assessment in your next meeting with the exam-takers.  For more information, see: Enterprise Portal: Launch an ExamNow Assessment

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