Enterprise Portal: Get Started Creating an Assessment

Creating an assessment is a multi-part process because there are so many useful options to choose from. This article is the first in a series of several articles that guide you through the process. You can use this procedure to create a question bank assessment or a performance assessment. Question bank assessments can be used with Scantron forms, Examplify, or ExamNow.



  1. Select the department and course.
  2. Select the Assessments menu.
  3. Select the Create button.
  4. In the pop-up window, enter the basic information to identify this assessment. 


    • Name: Enter a descriptive name that will help you and your exam takers to distinguish this assessment from others. For example, you might adopt a naming convention such as Course_Term_Assessment Name.
    • Admins: (Optional) If other admin users need to access this assessment, you can start typing a name and then select from the drop-down list.


      Alternatively, you can select Browse More to open a searchable list of admins. In that list, you can select the plus button for each admin to include. When finished selecting admins, select Save, which is in the top right corner of that page.

    • Classification: Select the option that best describes the purpose of this assessment. This classification is used for internal data purposes, and does not affect exam takers or the content within.
    • Assessment Type: Select the option that best describes the type of assessment that you want to create.
      • Question Bank: Computer-based or Scantron assessment: Select this option if you want a typical question-and-answer style assessment. It could be printed and used with Scantron bubble sheets. It could be used with ExamNow for an in-class response activity. It could be used with Examplify for a formative assignment, a quiz, a practice exam, or a formal exam. If you choose this option, also select an option in the Question bank field (at the bottom of the screen):
        • Examplify: Select this option for traditional exams, which the students download, complete, and submit in Examplify.
        • ExamNow: Select this option for in-class interactions that students complete in ExamNow. For example, you might use these types of interactions to check understanding during lectures.  
      • Performance Grading: Rubric-based assessment: Select this option if you want to use a rubric to evaluate performances, clinical exercises, presentations, uploaded papers, or other work. 
  5. At the bottom of the pop-up window, select the Create button.

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