Enterprise: Assessment Settings - Options to Enable

This article is one part of the multi-part procedure to create a Question Bank assessment. This article helps you to complete the Assessment Options page of your assessment.


Before You Begin

Complete the initial steps to create an assessment and select the assessment type. See: Enterprise Portal: Get Started Creating an Assessment


Assessment Options - Options to Enable 

Assessment Flow

  • Backward Navigation: Select this option to allow exam takers to go back and forth between questions as they take the assessment. If you select this option, you'll have the option to select Missing Answer Reminder. If this option is selected, an alert will appear if an exam taker attempts to submit an exam with any unanswered questions. 
  • Require Answer: Select this option if you want exam takers to provide an answer to each question before moving to the next one. This option is not available if Backward Navigation is selected.
Optional Features
  • Calculator: Select this option to enable a standard calculator on all questions.  Additionally, you can enable a graphing or scientific calculator at the question level.
  • Text Highlighting: Select this option to allow exam takers to use an on-screen highlighter to highlight text within the questions.
  • Show 5 Min Alarm: If you set a time limit under Security Options, this option also is available. A silent alert will appear on the screen 5 minutes before the specified end time. 
  • Notes: Select this option to include a field where exam takers can type notes during the assessment. It can be used as an on-screen "scratch pad."
  • Cut, Copy, and Paste: Allows the exam takers to edit an essay response by cutting, copying, and pasting text. If this is a Non-Secure exam and you want to prevent the exam takers from using these functions on external resources, select the Block External checkbox.

    Note: For Secure exams, use the Security Options section to determine which resources to allow or block. For more information, see: Enterprise Portal: Security Options for Assessments

  • Spell Check: Allows the exam takers to edit an essay response by using a spell checker. 
  • Find and Replace: Allows the exam takers to edit an essay response by using a find/replace tool.
  • Enable Feedback: If you selected the Notes option, this option also is available. Select this option if you want to include a check box within the Notes section. Exam takers can check this box if they want you to see their Notes when you review their results.


Next Steps

If you need information about other parts of the Assessment Options page, see:

If you have completed the Assessment Options page, click Save & Continue. The next step depends on whether you want to use a Blueprint (a structured approach to assessment creation) or to select and organize questions without a blueprint. For more information, see:


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