Enterprise Portal: Use Test Banks (Master Courses) to Create Assessments

The purpose of the test bank is to serve as your persistent storage for content. Your institution may refer to these as master course, course shell, or something different.

Your live courses (the ones that have students enrolled) will most likely expire every year and be removed and replaced by the next semester's courses.  The test bank allows us to easily access previously used content. Below is an example of determining live versus master courses:


Note: The test bank "master course" has no students enrolled and has an indicator before the name and ID.  It also has an extended expiration date. The live course will have the same name and ID that you see in your grade book. It will expire at the end of the term and will have students for the term enrolled.




Create an Assessment "Template" in the Master Course

In this procedure, you'll create a new assessment and save it in your master course. You can think of the assessments in your master course as "templates," which can be reused to create live assessments in live courses. 

  1. Navigate to your master course.
  2. If needed, create or import questions into your test bank.

    For more information, see:

  3. Create a new question bank assessment in your master course.
  4. When you're ready to use this "template" to create an assessment in another course, continue to the next procedure. 


Use an Assessment "Template" to Create a New Assessment in Another Course

  1. In your master course, select the assessment "template" that you want to reuse.
  2. Select the More button (near the top right corner of the screen), and then select Duplicate.


  3. In the Duplicate pop-up box, set up the new assessment:
    1. Select the Unlinked option.
    2. In the Assign to Course box, delete the default text, and then enter the name of the live course where you want to use this assessment.


    3. Select Continue (at the bottom of the pop-up window).

      The new assessment will be created in the live course. Note the course name that appears at the top of your screen.

  4. If needed, edit or update the assessment so that it is ready to be used in this course.
  5. When ready, enter the Post Settings, and then post the assessment.

    For more information, see: Enterprise Portal: Post an Assessment

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