Enterprise Portal: Create a Performance Assessment

If ExamSCORE is enabled in your ExamSoft Portal, you can create performance assessments that use rubrics to ensure that the evaluation is based on objective descriptors. If the assessment involves uploading an assignment, you can opt to send the submissions to Turnitin for similarity checking. The Turnitin Similarity Report will be available to you during grading.


Before You Begin

  1. Create the rubric(s) that you want to use for this assessment. See: Enterprise Portal: Create a Rubric
  2. Create an assessment, and select Performance Grading as the type. See: Enterprise Portal: Get Started Creating an Assessment



Build the Assessment

  1. (Optional) Enter Instructions and upload Attachments if needed. 
  2. At the bottom of the page, select Add a Rubric.
  3. In the Add Rubrics window, select one or more rubrics by clicking the plus sign. Then select Save, which is in the top right corner of the page.
    • Note: After you click Save, the selected rubrics are listed below the Instructions and Attachments. You can preview a rubric with the eye icon, or remove it with the trash can icon.
  4. Select Save and Continue to continue to Post Settings.


Post the Assessment

  1. Enter this information:
    • Schedule Release Date: Select a date for this assessment.
    • Display Settings: (Optional) You can choose to allow exam-takers to see the rubric. If you select that option, you also can choose the type(s) of values to display.
      • Rubric
      • Criteria Value
      • Performance Level Value
    • Assignment Upload: If you want the exam-takers to upload items, such as a research paper, essay, or presentation, select Yes and then enter this information:
      • Upload File Type: Select a file type. Exam-takers will only be able to upload the selected file type. After making a selection, make note of the on-screen information, such as file-size limitations, so that you can share this information with the exam-takers. (This information also will be displayed on the screen where the exam-takers upload the assignment.)
      • Send To Turnitin: Select this check box if you want to submit the uploaded files to Turnitin and view the Turnitin Similarity Report when you grade this assignment. Notes:
        • This option is available only if you have a Turnitin account and your Institution Admin has enabled TII Integration under Admin > Global Settings > Institution Settings. For more information, see: Enterprise Portal: Use Turnitin with Your Performance Assessments (Feature Overview)
        • This option is available for PDF, DOC/DOCX, and PPT/PPTX files.
        • Be sure to make your exam-takers aware that this assignment will be submitted to Turnitin. When uploading their assignment in the ExamSoft exam-taker portal, they will be presented with a Turnitin license agreement and must agree to the terms in order to continue with the assignment submission.
      • Upload Deadline: Select the date and time for final submission of the required files.
      • Deadline Reminder Email: (Optional) If you want ExamSoft to send a reminder email, select the date and time.
    • Assessment Admins: (Optional) If other admin users need to access this assessment, select Browse All. Then select the Plus button for each admin to include. When finished, select Save.
      • Tip: You can use the Search box (above the Last Name column) to find a name quickly.
    • Select Students: You can search for individuals or select Filter to select Student Groups or Course Sections.  To select all displayed names, select the plus button in the header row of the table. Or to select individuals, select the plus button next to each name. When finished, select Save, which is in the top right corner of the page.
  2. Select Save to leave the assessment in draft mode, or select Finalize to post the assessment. The exam-takers will see this assessment in the Student Portal.
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