ExamSoft (Legacy) Blackboard API Integration

Depending on your institution's needs, choose one of the the following tabs for instructions.

Create Service Account Register Turnitin

Create the ExamSoft Service Account Role/User

      1. Navigate to your Administrator Panel in Blackboard.
      2. Select System Roles.
        Exam Soft - Frame 162.jpg
      3. Select Create Role.
        Exam Soft - Frame 163.jpg
      4. Add the Role Name and Role ID.
        Exam Soft - Frame 164.jpg
        • Example: ExamSoft BB Service Account and ESBBAPI
      5. Select the Submit button at the bottom of the page. Then, you will see the Privileges page.
        Exam Soft - Frame 165.jpg
      6. At the bottom of the Privileges page, select the Show all button.
        Exam Soft - Frame 166.jpg
      7. Select the top-most checkbox to highlight all permissions.
      8. Then, hover over the Privileges: button and select Restrict Privileges to remove all "baked-in" permissions.
        Exam Soft - Frame 167.jpg
      9. At the bottom of the Privileges page, select the Show all button again.
      10. Select the following permission (Use the "Find" command for each):
        • Administrator Panel (Courses) > Courses > Edit > Course Properties
        • Administrator Panel (Courses) > Courses > Merge
        • Administrator Panel (Courses) > Courses > Edit > Enrollments
        • Administrator Panel (Courses) > Courses > Edit > Enrollments > Add Enrollment
        • Administrator Panel (Users) > Users > Edit > View Course Enrollments
        • Administrator Panel (Users) > Users > Edit > View Organization Enrollments
        • Administrator Panel (Users) > Users
        • Administrator Panel (Users) > Users > View Institution Roles
        • Administrator Panel (Users) > System Roles
        • Administrator Panel (Organizations) > Organizations > Merge
        • Course/Organization Control Panel (Customization) > Properties
        • Course/Organization Control Panel (Grade Center) > Full Control
      11. Hover over the Privileges: button and select Permit Privileges.
      12. Navigate to the Administrator Panel in Blackboard.
      13. Select Users.
        Exam Soft - Frame 168.jpg
      14. Select Create User.
        Exam Soft - Frame 169.jpg
      15. Add all of the required date under Personal Information and Account Information.
        • The user will never need to login, so you can user any input for the username and password values.
      16. Scroll down to the System Roles section.
      17. Select the ExamSoft Service Account role you created earlier. Select the small right arrow between the Available Roles and Primary System Role to assign this role to the user account you are creating.
        Exam Soft - Frame 170.jpg
      18. Select the Submit button.
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