Legacy Portal Blackboard API User Guide

If you haven’t done so already, please start the API integration in Blackboard by following this guide: ExamSoft (Legacy) Blackboard API Integration guide.


Legacy Blackboard API User Guide

Configure the Integration details

Configure the Integration details

  1. To access the Blackboard API setup, select the Admin menu option. Then, select the LMS Settings tab.
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  2. Input your Blackboard host URL; then, select the Verify URL button.
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  3. Select the Configure button.
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  4. You’ll select different values from Blackboard to pass into ExamSoft.
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    • Course ID Type: Course value from Blackboard which will be passed into ExamSoft as the Course ID. CourseID is recommended here. 
    • External ID Type: User value from Blackboard which will be passed into ExamSoft as the External ID.
      Note: Only applicable to clients using our SAML integration. 
    • User ID Type: User value from Blackboard which will be passed into ExamSoft as the Student ID.
  5. The bottom section allows you to select student roles from Blackboard to include in the sync into ExamSoft. 
    • With the Student role selected, you may not need to make additional adjustments. 
    • If you want to add an additional role, select the + Add a student role button.
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  6. For any additional role, select the checkbox for each role; then, confirm your selection with the Save button.
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  7. With all selections confirmed, select the Save button on the Configure page.
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Edit the Course Sync List

Edit the Course Sync List

  1. Select the Edit Courses button.
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  2. To add courses to the sync list, select Import Courses.
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  3. With the modal window open, Drag & Drop a file into the tool, or choose one a file using the file picker. This will query Blackboard for the courses contained in your XLS/XLSX file.
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    • Import Type: Choose Add, Remove, or Replace depending on the behavior you want.
      • Add: Adds new courses to the list and leaves any existing courses on the sync list intact.
      • Remove: Removes courses from the sync list based on the course IDs in the file.
      • Replace: Removes all courses from the sync list and replaces them with only the courses from the file. 
    • Download Template provides an example advising how to format your import file.
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  4. Using the Drag & Drop method will auto-process the file. Using the file picker requires you to select the Upload button once you’re ready to import your courses into the tool.
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  5. Close the modal window; then, you’ll see the Course Sync List with the course(s) you added.
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  6. Select a course and add a Start Date and End Date to each course using the Assign Dates link at the bottom of the screen.
    Note: Both values are required for a course to sync to the ExamSoft system.
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  7. Once you’re done, select the Close button.
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Syncing Courses

Syncing Courses

  1. With your courses added to the Course Sync List, you can sync them to your ExamSoft portal with the Sync now button.
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  2. To schedule an automated daily sync, select the Edit Schedule button.
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  3. Toggle the Auto Sync either ON or OFF, and choose the specific time you’d like the sync to process.
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  4. Select Save when you’re done.
Sync History

Sync History

  1. To view previous syncs and any errors, select the View Sync History button.
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  2. This table will provide you with the status of LMS sync operations, including the number of records (courses, sections, students) that were successfully submitted to the Portal for processing. You will receive an email confirming the results of your Course Sync from the ExamSoft system.
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